“Can you hear me now?”: Bridging the digital gap between then and now

27 Feb 2022

The turning of a new year prompted a certain amount of reflection about how the past year had been and wow what a year 2021 was for me at Bridges.  For anybody that doesn’t know me, one of my roles at Bridges is to deliver a lived experience perspective in our workshops for healthcare staff…. View Article


High time to LISTEN: co-designing and evaluating self-management support with and for people living with long Covid

22 Sep 2021

It seems that not a day goes by without my twitter feed bringing up yet more worrying symptoms of long Covid, adding to the already considerable list. Only today, I chance upon a new study highlighting the extent of kidney damage wrought by the disease, shared in the midst of a flurry of anxious tweets… View Article


I like your hat. A window on virtual research in a pandemic.

20 Jan 2021

I like your hat, really suits you… (me) I like your jumper, lovely colour…(Neema) Thanks for joining and doing this interview…(me) I nearly didn’t. I don’t like new things, since my stroke I’m nervous of talking to people I don’t know. I am worried about getting things wrong (Neema) Neema was 22 years old and… View Article