I like your hat. A window on virtual research in a pandemic.

20 Jan 2021

  I like your hat, really suits you… (me) I like your jumper, lovely colour…(Neema) Thanks for joining and doing this interview…(me) I nearly didn’t. I don’t like new things, since my stroke I’m nervous of talking to people I don’t know. I am worried about getting things wrong (Neema) Neema was 22 years old… View Article


COVID-19: a catalyst for bravery

8 Sep 2020

As the impact of another surge in COVID-19 looms, we have an opportunity to take stock of not only the challenges that COVID-19 has thus far presented but where this has brought us to in terms of unexpected or new opportunities, and creative ways of working to facilitate the ongoing delivery of person-centred, long-term support… View Article


Bridges principles up front and centre in NHS policy

21 Aug 2020

Is it just me or does it feel like the end of a decade does bring forth a certain shift and sense of forward movement? In the NHS it can feel that real change happens at a glacial pace, but actually glaciers exert huge forces and sculpt the landscape they leave behind so I think… View Article