Beyond the schoolyard: The power of kinship and collective creativity

28 Mar 2024

We would like to thank Professor Paul Batalden for this thought-provoking blog. As we reflect on his words and our work with Bridges, the sentiments here represent a fundamental imperative to create long lasting, sustainable health systems that will enable people to live well and work differently. We are grateful for Paul’s ongoing support and… View Article


Small steps and trusting in the reason why: 10 years of Bridges

6 Dec 2023

As Bridges celebrates its 10th Birthday year, our Founder and CEO Professor Fiona Jones shares the story of how Bridges was formed, and reflects on the journey to where we are today, with all its challenges and successes.  What do you do on day 1 in the life of a new social enterprise? We had… View Article


One kind thing makes all the difference.

16 Sep 2022

I came across a jumper the other day. It was a picture on Instagram. There was nothing special about the jumper, it was white, no hood, no sparkle, no pockets – nothing extraordinary about it. Just a small black lettered slogan that was written across its chest, saying “In a world where you can be… View Article