Bridges Workshops: An evidence-based, unifying framework for personalised self-management support

The Bridges model of Supported Self-Management is underpinned by the principles of social cognitive theory and the concept of self-efficacy. Our workshops use a 5 stage approach to system change and are directed towards whole teams across the patient pathway.

  • Our unique 5-stage approach to training is informed by research, QI projects and experience with over 500 healthcare teams, 5000 practitioners and 100’s of patients, family members and carers since 2007
  • Our approach is delivered by practitioners, integrated into everyday practice, and tailored to patients’ needs - without requiring more resources
We believe that person-centred care is fundamental to helping people with acute & long term conditions to live the best life possible and we are driven by the clinical need of patients with complex conditions to gain equal access to self-management support.




Summary of impact:



‘‘Bridges has opened up new opportunities for working and that has brought some sense of support and pride for the AHPs. They're the services that are incredibly busy and in that busy world they can become quite demoralized and deflated and feel like they lose their way, but actually the whole Bridges approach has given a whole new fresh energy” Assistant Director AHP Governance, Northern Ireland

“I spend more time in asking before prescribing, and having a peer discussion with patient and family, rather than speaking only on clinical matters.”  Neuroscience nurse specialist – Major Trauma Centre





  • Inspiring People to Live Well and Work Differently.

    As a team we share the same ethos and philosophy that drives our passion to create the best experience and environment for patients to live well. Bridges provide opportunities for both patients and professionals to work collaboratively to enhance self-management skills, knowledge and confidence.
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