Bridges training supports system-wide change by delivering workshops to whole teams across the patient pathway

Bridges Self-Management training is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute and is informed by ongoing research, quality improvement projects with healthcare teams, and individuals. Our training is co-designed and co-delivered, vital for instigating and embedding improvements to services.  

Our training is also informed by our expertise in implementation science, which is why our training is not a one- or two-day course. Instead, we deliver 4 virtual workshops over a 6–9-week period, ensuring teams have time to implement and reflect. We also provide extensive sustainability support as part of our offer, providing incredible value for money.  

Our highly interactive workshops are centred around the 11 Bridges principles, and include content on self-efficacy, language, key self-management skills, hopes, goals, risks and fears, and finish with individual and team sustainability planning.  

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‘‘Bridges has opened up new opportunities for working and that has brought some sense of support and pride for the AHPs. They're the services that are incredibly busy and in that busy world they can become quite demoralized and deflated and feel like they lose their way, but actually the whole Bridges approach has given a whole new fresh energy” Assistant Director AHP Governance, Northern Ireland

“I spend more time in asking before prescribing, and having a peer discussion with patient and family, rather than speaking only on clinical matters.”  Neuroscience nurse specialist – Major Trauma Centre


Sustainability Support  

We are always there to provide ongoing support and advice to anyone that has received Bridges training.  

We provide ongoing CPD for those who would like to develop their knowledge and skills, including 

  • Access to our Community of Practice, with regularly updated resources from NHS teams, research, and articles  
  • Invitation to our free termly Bridges Champion Events, where attendees learn innovations, share good practice and network 
  • Access to a rolling schedule of monthly peer coaching sessions to discuss successes and challenges  
  • Ongoing support and development from Bridges, that delivers benefits both inside and outside of clinical roles  

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Why Bridges?  

  • Our workshops are co-delivered by clinical and lived experience associates and we model the Bridges approach in everything we do. 
  • Our workshops are highly tailored to the needs of different teams across the health service, ensuring case studies and implementation advice is tailored to the service you work in.  
  • We deliver the ‘Gold standard of CPD’: we provide ongoing development with small pieces of implementation homework and time to embed and sustain. 
  • We provide ongoing support, resources and networks to ensure the Bridges framework is embedded and sustained, informed by Normalization Process Theory and providing real value for money. 
  • We don’t deliver prescriptive, tick-box, one-off training, we meet your teams where they are at. 
  • Our work is informed by ongoing research, evidence and innovation, meaning our training is current and meets the challenges faced by teams now.  
  • We deliver all our workshops online, drastically reducing environmental and economic impact. 
  • We provide outstanding customer service at every point of their journey with us. 

Here’s how participants of our workshops in 2023 felt:

  • 96% felt involved in the sessions and that their views were valued
  • 94% felt supported by the Bridges Team before and after the sessions
  • 91% had practical strategies to support individuals and their families to build on their existing confidence, skills and resources
  • 87% said Bridges had helped them to build supportive relationships with patients and their families
  • 86% had new ideas for how to work with individuals who are low in confidence and difficult to engage
  • 95% felt the programme had been useful in their work



  • Inspiring People to Live Well and Work Differently.

    As a team we share the same ethos and philosophy that drives our passion to create the best experience and environment for patients to live well. Bridges provide opportunities for both patients and professionals to work collaboratively to enhance self-management skills, knowledge and confidence.
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