Bridges unique 5-stage approach

‘You are working with people who have been damaged; physically, emotionally, especially emotions.  You are helping them to believe in themselves that they can do it, that alone is very important, when somebody comes in, they will make you believe 'Yes, I can do this.' I think that is what I found was lacking in some of the staff, but if they can get that, it is really a brilliant thing to have.’

Service user, London

Making self-management support a reality in your healthcare teams

Discovery- Context is everything! We use multiple methods to get to know your service; your current successes, challenges and strategic priorities.

Knowledge Zone 1 - This is a multi-disciplinary and interactive training day, delivered by experienced Bridges facilitators, healthcare practitioners and patient trainers.

Transforming - A 3 month period, when you will test out new methods of self-management support, explore ways to embed the approach into your systems and processes and start the change.

Knowledge Zone 2 - A half-day training session to consolidate and celebrate the changes made so far, explore how relationships with patients have changed and how team-working, and processes can become more consistently focused on what patients and families want and need.

Sustaining - Champions can attend Masterclasses with other teams and services to learn new ideas and gain renewed energy to maintain the momentum. We stay in contact with you to ensure your changes are sustained and continue to succeed.


  • Bridges is a social enterprise that exists to make a difference to the lives of people who live with acute and long-term conditions, by working with teams from health, social care and the third sector, to define and deliver best practice in self-management support.

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