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  • Mini Victories


    2 Jul 2018
    On 26th April we launched the ‘Bridges to recovery after trauma’ book to healthcare staff at St George’s Major Trauma Centre, London…
  • Trust World Café: stroke care

    Billy Mann

    9 Feb 2017
    Tess Baird is an unstoppable force. In November 2016 she gathered together a few colleagues and contacts in a small room in London’s Mile End Hospital to explain her bonkers idea. She wanted clinicians and service users to get to understand and communicate with one another in more meaningful and effective ways. The subject in… View Article
  • What is uniquely ‘Bridges’ about this stroke group? Helping others to help yourself

    Billy Mann

    20 Jun 2016
    On four successive Mondays in April 2016 I helped with on a research project into whether the step process method in stroke rehabilitation as pioneered by Bridges Self-Management can be made to work in a group setting. The more interesting details of the study, by University College London’s (UCL) Ella Clark, will I’m sure appear in more scholarly quarters,… View Article