Community Stroke Hub: Community Rules

These rules are designed to keep our community a safe and inclusive space. All users agree to act in accordance with them, as well as the Community Stroke Hub Terms of Service. Any posts that breaches the rules will be edited/removed for compliance.

  1. Respect privacy, copyright and data protection at all times. Do not distribute images or text that are copyrighted unless you have permission to do so. Please quote all sources and references. Do not publish any identifiable data without appropriate permission.
  2. Use the community to learn from, share and network with your peers. Be polite and respectful.
  3. Use professional and accessible language. Limit abbreviations.
  4. You are responsible for your actions. This is a knowledge sharing platform, but not all guidance will be appropriate for every setting. Only ever operate within your scope of practice.
  5. Do not use the community for advertising.
  6. Only add content once. The site is moderated regularly. If a post is removed or declined, you will be informed and advised why.


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