Sustaining change through Masterclasses

We provide the space to celebrate, share and learn from the efforts of individuals and teams to implement new ways of delivering person-centred self-management support.

We understand the social and organisational enablers and barriers to implementation, and we equip participants with the tools needed to sustain and measure the impact of Bridges in the longer term



Each participant or team will create a unique plan to sustain and spread enhanced person-centred care in their teams, services and systems.


A half-day or full-day workshop facilitated by an expert Bridges trainer.

Suitable for

‘Bridges champions’: practitioners of any profession and grade, who have attended Bridges training and wish to lead service improvement and cultural change within their teams and organisations.


  • Share how Bridges principles have been implemented into systems and processes so far, through a short presentation or feedback
  • Understand the challenges to sustaining and spreading a complex intervention like Bridges
  • Understand ways to involve patients and family members in service improvement
  • Utilise quality improvement tools to create a unique plan for sustaining, spreading and measuring the impact of Bridges in your team and/or services.


  • A sustainability plan unique to each team/service
  • Increased confidence in designing and delivering service improvement projects, including patient and family involvement
  • Increased confidence in methods to keep Bridges going within teams and services
  • Increased confidence in spreading Bridges self-management principles to other staff

What do other practitioners say?

"Despite best intentions, the impact of Bridges training can be lost over time because long-term changes are needed within team culture and processes.  Bridges Master Classes and post-workshop support will help you to begin to address these challenges.The perfect opportunity to network and learn from other Bridges-trained colleagues."

  • Bridges is a social enterprise that exists to make a difference to the lives of people who live with acute and long-term conditions, by working with teams from health, social care and the third sector, to define and deliver best practice in self-management support.

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