Bridges Masterclasses support lead practitioners and managers previously trained by Bridges, to become key change agents and sustain long-term self-management support in a multidisciplinary team or service. Self-management support describes a range working practices influenced by different contextual factors which pose challenges to embedding and sustaining self-management support in the long-term

What is the aim of the masterclass?

  • To develop longer-term strategies for sustaining and evaluating a shared approach to self-management support across a team or service.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Practitioners from any profession, who have previously attended Bridges training and are in a position to influence working practices (i.e. service development, change management) in their own workplace.

How is training delivered?

  • Masterclasses take place over one day (10.00-16.00) with a maximum group size of 8-12 participants, usually at a central London location.
  • All participants will be encouraged to participate in the workshop by sharing their practice experiences and learning from each other through active learning methods.
  • The Bridges team will provide individual participants with post-workshop support through methods identified during the workshop.

Learning outcomes

  • To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team/service͛s activities relating to self-management support.
  • To understand the policy drivers behind self-management support, including health behaviours, health outcomes and service utilisation.
  • To explore barriers and facilitators to sustaining a long-term shared approach to supporting self-management within a multi-disciplinary team.
  • To formulate strategies that will embed and sustain self-management support into team and organisational processes.
  • To be aware of ways to evaluate the impact of self-management support in clinical practice.

What do other practitioners say?

  • Despite best intentions, the impact of Bridges training can be lost over time because long-term changes are needed within team culture and processes.  Bridges Masterclasses and post-workshop support will help you to begin to address these challenges.
  • An opportunity to network and learn from other Bridges-trained colleagues.

We usually run Masterclasses as one part of our workforce development projects.

We can run Masterclasses at your place of work for a minimum of 8 participants, please contact us for more information at or 020 8767 7343.

Some practitioners fund our Master Class training through the Health Education England Portal for London and the South East via the Kingston University and St. George's University of London workforce development prospectus

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