Bridges news

  • Bridges Newsletter 8

    The June 2014 edition includes tips on using the stroke workbook with people living with aphasia by speech and language therapists, reflections on goal setting in rehabilitation, Bridges in Ireland and how one OT there has used it in a group setting, starting self-management support on an acute stroke ward, perspectives of a stroke survivor and student Physiotherapist, latest Bridges news and a research and policy update.

  • Bridges Newsletter 7

    In the December 2013 edition, find out what it means for Bridges to be a social enterprise in terms of it’s training programmes and research opportunities. Read about the impact of Bridges training on the acute stroke unit at St. George’s hospital in London as well as a community stroke team in Bury.

  • Bridges Newsletter 6

    The June 2013 issue sees Bridges reaching wider in the world, including an update on our project taking place in New Zealand and reflections on using Bridges in Austria. You can also find out more about the the people behind Bridges by reading interviews with 2 members of the Bridges Advisory Group and a reflective account from a new Bridges trainer. As usual, we have included updates on relevant publications and policy to help you keep abreast of research in stroke.

  • Bridges Newsletter 5

    The September 2012 edition of the newsletter includes news of our exciting new project to develop Bridges in New Zealand and feedback from the second phase of our pathway wide project in Kingston, Surrey, UK, focussing on the sustainability of Bridges training intervention.

  • Bridges Newsletter 4

    The January 2012 edition of the newsletter including articles about using Bridges with stroke survivors from the Bengali community, emerging questions in stroke self-management, and results from the Bridges Kingston project

  • Bridges Newsletter 3

    The April 2011 edition of the newsletter, including news of the carers project, the latest on research into Bridges, and policy news

  • Bridges Newsletter 2

    The December 2010 issue of the newsletter, including information about the first Bridges symposium, preliminary results of the Belfast trail and an article about ‘life threads’ by Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill.

  • Bridges Newsletter 1

    The April 2010 issue of the newsletter, launching Bridges (formerly known as ‘Stepping Out’) and the new workbook.