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Delivering excellence in self-management support to people with long-term conditions in Kingston

Bridges has partnered with healthcare provider Your Healthcare CIC in our first organisation-wide project across Kingston, London

In 2016 we completed our first organisation-wide self-management project for people living with long-term conditions. We partnered with YourHealthcare CIC in Kingston to conduct organisational research and to develop bespoke self-management tools and training material with service users.

Kingston bookThis book is based on the format and principles in the long-term conditions workbook but has been co-produced to contain stories, tips and ideas from 10 people who live with long-term conditions in Kingston. It also contains space to record and reflect on everyday progress and set plans and goals.

Over 50 health and social care practitioners took part in our workshops, the staff have told us:

“One thing that stood out for me is using the expertise of the patients themselves, rather than imposing what we have learned from the textbooks”. (Physiotherapist)

“One of the things that came out for me was that sometimes it doesn’t have to be big changes or things, but that just small differences in the way that we phrase something can actually make quite a big difference”. (Community nurse)

Read a success story from Christina Machattou, Physiotherapist, here

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