Bridges research and development projects

Developing a new support package in personalised self-management for carers

Older adults with higher care needs are one of the groups most in need of support to help manage their multiple long term conditions but are currently the least likely to be able to access self-management support.

Bridges are working with both formal and informal carers to co-design a training programme for carers in self-management support for older adults with multiple long term conditions. We have learned about the experiences of carers supporting people with long term conditions both at home or in care homes and have asked ‘what might you want and need in a training package’.

Narrative interviews are being held with carers to form a trigger film that will illustrate some of the challenges carers experience. This film will be shown at a carers co-design meeting to define what training and support carers feel they need to develop the skills and confidence to provide personalised self management support to people living with multiple long term conditions.

Funded by United Kingdom Research Institute (UKRI) in partnership with Cardiff University

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