Bridges research and development projects

Living with and beyond cancer

Developing a new Bridges book for people living with and beyond cancer and training for cancer services.

There is growing evidence that patients emerge the other side of cancer treatment with significant unmet needs.

Bridges are working with a group of people living with and beyond cancer to co-design a new book and training for healthcare practitioners. We have learned about the experiences of people living with cancer through co-design meetings, and asked ‘what good self-management support should look like’.

Narrative interviews are being held with people with different types and experiences of cancer from across the UK. Together they are working with us to create the content for a new Bridges book. Once produced the Bridges Cancer Book will be embedded into our new refined training in Cancer services.

Starting with the Midlands and East of England- we will co-design an evaluation plan and collect impact indicators of knowledge, skills and confidence of practitioners working in cancer services.

Funded by Health Education England

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