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New multidisciplinary training and improvement package for Major Trauma staff

Following the development and launch of the Bridges to recovery after trauma book at St George’s Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, we have developed a new training package for multidisciplinary Major Trauma teams

We enjoyed working alongside patients, families and staff from St. George’s Major Trauma Centre to develop a multidisciplinary training and improvement package focusing on self-management support after major trauma.

Starting self-management support early can better prepare patients and families for discharge from the trauma unit and life beyond.  

This specialised Bridges training is suited to all trauma staff - in any setting or grade and is delivered in two fast sprints of two hours each – a total of four hours training.

We aim to create lasting change and our five stage approach builds in essential support for multidisciplinary teams to put the Bridges approach in to practice and keep it going long term.  You can read more about our five-stage approach in our training flyer

This specialised training is co-delivered by a Bridges facilitator, accompanied by trauma survivor.

Each team will receive a supply of our Bridges to recovery after trauma books within the training and improvement package.

The insights gained from trauma survivors and their families shows that self-management support is important to them, they encourage changing the way care and rehabilitation is delivered.

We also discovered that:

  • all staff members, no matter what their grade or profession, feel more confident to answer patient and family questions about recovery
  • staff understand ways they can empower patients and families through the conversations they have and tasks they help them to perform
  • how the team can better prepare patients and families for discharge from hospital
  • ways to approach person-centred goal setting and treatment planning 

The training and improvement package usually takes four months to implement and up to 100 staff can be trained. The process and costs are clearly outlined in our training flyer

Please get in touch as we are very happy to talk about our work and answer any questions that you have.

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