Bridges research and development projects

SELMA: can Bridges be refined to the Swedish stroke setting?

SELMA is a project led by Professor Marie Elf from Dalarna University in Sweden. This project asks the question about whether Bridges can be refined and contextualised to the Swedish stroke setting and is feasible to implement.

The project is funded through a Swedish research project and will explore how Bridges is used across two stroke units, and the impact on staff, patients, and the service. We want to know if there are critical components of Bridges that are culturally relevant and what mechanisms help staff to integrate personalised self-management support into their individual and team practices. As with our usual 5-stage model, the Bridges team will start with discovery interviews with staff to explore the way their service works, how rehabilitation is delivered and their current challenges. We will also ask what ‘real success’ would look like to them if they were at the end of their training. The Swedish teams were asked to send us case studies or vignettes of patients they have worked with so we can understand more about the cultural context of being a stroke survivor in Sweden. For more information about this project see the study website link below

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