"If you're having an up and down time and you've made all this progress, you say 'right, well, OK' - you don't know if it's taken a month, a week or a year. So, you almost chart it back - every month I'm doing a bit more."

"It improves from a spoken goal - 'cause otherwise you look and wouldn't know when you started... Sometimes I felt a bit lazy with myself but then I thought 'right I need to get on with this otherwise I'm not going to go any further'."

"I guess it helped me focus, I guess some people might feel they have become ostracised and this lets you know that you're not on your own."

Stroke survivors, London

Stroke self-management tools

Bridges stroke workbook

Our stroke workbook is a unique tool designed for stroke survivors to help support their self-management. It includes the experiences and ideas of 14 different people, showing the recovery strategies they found useful. There is space for people to record their hopes and ideas for the future and plan small steps to take action.

In 2017 we completely redesigned our popular book for stroke survivors.  Aside from featuring a new and improved design - the book is smaller and has tabbed sections to make it easier to handle -  there is now greater emphasis on issues that reflect the communication, cognitive and mood difficulties some people experience after stroke. We've also included stories from young people, those who had their stroke a long time ago and people who are returning to work.

We are grateful to the Bridges advisory group for their fantastic feedback and guidance in shaping the new book.  Thanks also to the charity Dyscover for their expert support, helping to make the book more accessible for stroke survivors with communication difficulties.

Most importantly, we are indebted to the group of people who have volunteered to contribute and sharing their personal stories of managing life after stroke - their experiences made the book.  Thank you Abdul, Afia, Chris, Deena, Ed, Eileen, Elsie, Helen, James, John, Mel, Mohammad, Nick and Scott.

Family and friends booklet

This booklet was designed in consultation with family and friends of people who have experienced a stroke. It provides guidance from other families about how they have supported their relative or friend to self-manage using the Bridges approach and workbook, as well as general advice and resources for carers.

Please note the stroke workbook and friends and family book are accessed as part of one of our training packages and are not sold separately.

Bridges training

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