Georgia Seddon

15 Dec 2023 0 comments Topic:

Georgia completed her Bridges Self Management training in 2021 with Pulmonary Rehabilitation where she was working at the time. The Bridges Principles resonated deeply with Georgia and since embedding these in her practice, she has experienced the value and importance in this way of working. Georgia is passionate about fostering a partnership with service users, to work together, side by side. She has championed Bridges in her teams throughout the NHS; Long Covid Services and Cardiac Rehabilitation. 

Alongside her NHS work, Georgia started working with Bridges Self Management in 2022, as a Listen Practitioner for NIHR funded research project ‘Listen’. She has since been working as Clinical Associate supporting teams across the NHS to embed the principles of Bridges Self Management, as an essential cornerstone of clinical care. 

  • Inspiring People to Live Well and Work Differently.

    As a team we share the same ethos and philosophy that drives our passion to create the best experience and environment for patients to live well. Bridges provide opportunities for both patients and professionals to work collaboratively to enhance self-management skills, knowledge and confidence.
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