Meera Shah

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Meera trained and worked as a dentist for patients with special needs for over a decade. During this time, Meera was also a clinical tutor to undergraduate dentists as well as a postgraduate trainer in her speciality. She now has a portfolio career which includes working with Bridges as an LEA, with Health Education England as a Regional Dental Advisor, and independently as a healthcare educator and lived-experience patient expert, having lived with cancer for over ten years. She guest lectures on the undergraduate nursing course cancer module and the postgraduate cancer care module for Allied Healthcare Professionals at Cardiff University. Meera is currently in her final year of the MSc in Healthcare Professions Education at UCL. Meera is passionate about co-production and combining her skills as clinician, educator and expert patient to improve healthcare delivery, and has recently taken on the role as trustee at the charity National Voices.

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