Sarah O’Brien

6 Nov 2023 0 comments Topic:

Sarah joined Bridges in summer 2023 as a Lived Experience Associate. To Bridges Sarah brings experience of co-production and involvement across education, healthcare, policy and campaigns from personal and professional work that focuses on supporting disabled people like herself to have their say. Sarah has worked with NHS England since 2020 as part of their Experience of Care programme to play a part in ensuring that the health system meets the needs of everyone. She has also worked with autistic people and those with a learning disability to support them to have their views heard by the government, by researchers and in designing accessible healthcare services. Taking together these personal and professional  experiences, Sarah now focuses on the inclusive involvement of disabled people in different areas of local and national decision making by looking at the processes of how we can actively include and exclude people. She can often be found researching involvement at King’s College London, writing about autism, cross-stitching, or running. 

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