The impact of Bridges

We have delivered self-management training since 2008 reaching more than 120 different teams in health and social care, more than 1800 practitioners, using Bridges with more than 15000 people with stroke, brain injury and other long term conditions.

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people with stroke, brain injury and other long term conditions

We have carried out more than 20 different research and service improvement projects since 2008 and published and presented our work in many different health and social care conferences across the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the US.

We have projects in stroke, traumatic brain injury, acute trauma, and other long term conditions.

We are currently developing Bridges to be suitable for the cultural and social context of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

We have a number of publications relating to our research and development and have presented our work at numerous national and International conferences.

But primarily Bridges exists to make a difference to the lives of people who live with long-term conditions, by working with teams from health, social care and the third sector, to define and deliver best practice in self-management support.

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Bridges projects

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Feedback from 1500 practitioners showed 98% reported a change in practice towards the use of person-centred approaches and integrated self-management support. Teams report they have achieved a shared approach towards integrating self-management into their activities and processes.

  • Inspiring People to Live Well and Work Differently.

    As a team we share the same ethos and philosophy that drives our passion to create the best experience and environment for patients to live well. Bridges provide opportunities for both patients and professionals to work collaboratively to enhance self-management skills, knowledge and confidence.
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