“Sometimes I think ‘I don’t want to listen anymore’. This book makes me comfortable because, when I am reading it, it is just me and the book. The stories are good, they make me feel like I don’t have to hide anything. The more I read how they had head injury, the more I can open up. I read it every day. I use the goals as well. I might forget them, but if I write them down, I know.”

“The thing is these are real people and this is what happened to them. I think that it is great that it is offered to people. I think that the book itself is good to take to people and show them. They can skip through different sections, without too much information crammed into one page.”

People with TBI, London

Traumatic brain injury self-management tools

Building bridges after brain injury

This book was developed and launched in 2015 and is based on the format and principles in the stroke workbook but has been co-produced to contain stories, tips and ideas from 14 people who have experienced a brain injury. It also contains space to record and reflect on everyday progress and set plans and goals.

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Bridges training

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A book for family and friends of people with brain injury

This book was designed together with families and friends of people who are recovering from traumatic brain injury and can be used to support the family member or friend, as well as giving them ideas about ways to support their relative or friend after brain injury. It shares experiences and learning from seven different families, some of which have family members who have contributed to the ‘Building Bridges after Brain Injury’ book.

These books were made possible by a Shine award from The Health Foundation and its development was supported by ideas and feedback from people with brain injury, their friends and families, staff from Headway and healthcare professionals from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.




Please note the ‘Building Bridges after Brain Injury’ book and friends and family book are only accessed as part of one of our training packages and are not sold separately.

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