2020 Webinar series

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bridges team got together to brainstorm ways we could support our network of colleagues and friends across the country. At a time when self-management had become necessary almost overnight, it felt like we had an opportunity to share our expertise, whilst creating a safe space for people to share and discuss their experiences.

Our topics are determined by our viewers and what they feel they need from us. Our guests are made up of our own team or Bridges 'friends'.

On this page, you can find recordings of all past webinars. We hope that you find the series useful and continue to come back and get involved!

If you'd like to contribute to a future webinar, or have a topic suggestion, please reach out to the team admin@bridgesselfmanagement.org.uk.

#9 - Connecting after communication disability

Carole Pound and Claire Farrington-Douglas guest host this topic, sharing practical ways of supporting people with communication disability whilst providing remote therapy.


Past Webinars:

#1 - Building Resilience in Healthcare Teams

Katie Campion and Lucinda Hollinshead from Bridges Self-Management deliver this 1st in a series of webinars. This volume focuses on how teams can build resilience in this time of uncertainty in order to help manage the current situation, but also to use it as an opportunity to help re-shape services once the pandemic subsides.


#2 - Supporting self-management in short, one-off interactions

Katie Campion and Scott Ballard-Ridley from Bridges Self-Management are joined by Joss Douthwaite​ Senior Community OT at Government of Jersey Health and Community Services to discuss Triage and supporting self-management in short interactions.


#3 - The Permeable Practitioner - Dealing with uncertainty in clinical practice

Guest speakers Deborah Harding & Arnie Puntis collaborate and take lead on discussing practical tips and ideas on dealing with uncertainty in clinical practice.

#4 - The long tale of surviving critical illness or injury - learning for life after COVID-19

CEO of Bridges, Professor Fiona Jones, talks with Trauma patient Evi Machova about the long tale of surviving critical illness or injury - learning for life after COVID-19. Stories, emerging evidence and implications for self-management support and rehabilitation.

#5 - Making Friends with Quality Improvement: The case to hold onto the good.

Guest host: Annette Boaz, Jenny Roe and Katie Campion

#6 - Co-production: Harnessing the power of patients in design

It’s time to stop seeing co-production and co-design as things that are ‘nice to have’ and to recognise that they are essential to designing and providing healthcare services that are truly shaped around the needs of individuals. Especially during the pandemic. Let’s stop doing what we THINK will benefit patients and do what we KNOW will benefit patients by using co-production and co-design. Special guest speakers: Glenn Robert - Professor at King’s College London and founder of Experience Based Co-design Scott Ballard-Ridley & Clare Dawson - Lived Experience Associates and ‘patients’ with experience of being involved in co-design and co-production


#7 -Reflections on patient-professional interactions and remote working: same but different

Webinar on Reflections on patient-professional interactions and remote working: same but different. Recorded 5th August 2020


#8 - Let's talk race and health inequality

Hosted by Shahedah Vawda and special guests, our panelists will be talking about race and health inequalities but they will also be providing really useful practical advice about how we can all help to tackle these issues.





  • Bridges is a social enterprise that exists to make a difference to the lives of people who live with acute and long-term conditions, by working with teams from health, social care and the third sector, to define and deliver best practice in self-management support.

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