Bridges inspires people to live well and work differently. We are motivated by liberating practitioners from a responsibility to ‘fix’ or ‘cure’, instead we open minds to an alternative possibility for both practitioners and patients.  

Bridges Self-Management is a social enterprise, founded in 2013 by Professor Fiona Jones, after 15 years of healthcare research from St George’s University London and Kingston University to understand how best to support individuals to self-manage their long-term conditions. We now work with hundreds of practitioners in health and social care teams across the world every year to use and sustain the Bridges Self-Management approach in their practice.   

What do we do? 

Bridges Self-Management focuses on what matters most to people and supports healthcare professionals to adopt a different approach, involving less fixing and more development of people's own skill set and confidence. 

We deliver three core pillars of activity; 

  1. Workshops: we deliver virtual workshops in the Bridges Self-Management programme for healthcare teams, co-produced and co-delivered by people with lived experience, and adapted and contextualised to the needs of services. Read more here 
  2. Sustaining Behaviour Change: we offer ongoing sustainability support to teams, including peer coaching, Bridges Books and resources, and regular sharing events for practitioners. We also provide bespoke packages to teams to evaluate impact and deliver further training and support. Read more here  
  3. Research and Innovation: our work is informed by our comprehensive research pipeline, led by Professor Fiona Jones. With current projects including the Listen Long-Covid clinical trial, TULAY, a 4-year project with community healthcare teams in the Philippines and TIPTOE, a randomised controlled trail reviewing self-management support for people living with joint pain, our work is ever evolving and supported by a strong evidence base. Read more here  


Who have we worked with?  

We have delivered training, support, and projects to hundreds of teams since our beginnings 10 years ago. We have extensive experience working with a wealth of healthcare teams across the UK and international, including: 

  • Community and Acute Neurology teams  
  • Acute Rehabilitation services  
  • Cancer services  
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy teams  
  • Children and Young People teams 
  • Community Mental Health teams    
  • Learning Disability teams  
  • Major Trauma centres  
  • Long-term conditions services  
  • Therapeutic Radiographers  
  • Community Nursing teams 

To find out more, please contact us 

Our self-management tools have been co-designed with people with acute and long term conditions.


  • Inspiring People to Live Well and Work Differently.

    As a team we share the same ethos and philosophy that drives our passion to create the best experience and environment for patients to live well. Bridges provide opportunities for both patients and professionals to work collaboratively to enhance self-management skills, knowledge and confidence.
    You can reach us by email