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  • A New Dawn


    24 Sep 2018
    I work in a Level 1 Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, in a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist-led multi-disciplinary team (MDT)…
  • Starting self-management support early in the acute setting: happier staff, happier patients, reduced length of stay?


    11 Nov 2016
    Imagine that you have spent months in hospital following numerous plastic surgeries.  One Friday morning the surgeon comes to your bedside and says that you are fit to return home.  However, there’s one problem; you haven’t been out of bed for weeks, and now you feel that you can’t get out of bed.  You see… View Article
  • The role of listening to people’s stories in supporting self-management


    5 May 2016
    “Small, but massive” – the stories that make me ‘me’Sometimes, when listening, a small fragment of an unfolding narrative will stand out, bringing a moment of clarity which then sticks – those are the ‘gems’. I remember during one of the early focus groups for co-designing Bridges in Brain Injury there had been some discussion… View Article